DJ Ritual

"DJ Ritual is Ritual The Club Art Director"

16/04/2015 16:55:04
Giovedì 16 Aprile 2015

In his career, now spanning more than 10 years, he's played and promoted club nights in the most influential and popular venues in Rome and Italy in general, with frequent DJing trips to the UK and Germany. In the UK in particular DJ Ritual established a fruitful collaboration with both the major fetish realities in the Country: Subversion and mostly Torture Garden. The collaboration with the latter also brought him to now run the yearly event Torture Garden Italy Fetish Week End. He spins Hard Electro, Hard Dance and Electro Clash. Recently he's one of the Founder Alchemy Vicious Club Rome.


16/04/2015 02:38:53
Giovedì 16 Aprile 2015


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Martedì 15 Marzo 2011