Dress code is fundamental in Fetish Clubbing.
There is no Fetish Party without a strict Fetish Dress Code.
Imagine a movie set in 1700 with some of the actors wearing jeans and sneakers.
It would ruin the atmosphere, the enchantment, the magic.
You are the leading actor and the main character of a Modern Fetish Party.
You create the magic with your attitude and with your outfit.
Be creative, edgy, unique.
Dress your fantasies. Dress the Fuck Up!
Rule is simple: no dress code, no entry.
Check out the Gallery section on this website for inspiration.


Fetish, BDSM, Latex, PVC, Leather, Goth, Burlesque, Steampunk, Drag, Naked, Fantasy, Quality Lingerie, Medical, Military, Uniform, Cyber, Hot Cosplay & more.


Casual Streetwear, Jeans, Regular Fabric Trousers, Sneakers, Cotton T-Shirts, Classic Shirts, Ordinary Style, Simple Elegant, Traditional Classy, Half Measures.